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J25 by J25TheArcKing J25 by J25TheArcKing
Bullet; Red  By the way, it isn't completely done the entire story, there will be more chapters that will be uploaded and written which are being developed. So please be patience!

For the J25 The Arc King series.


For the J25 The Arc King series.

From the J25 The Arc King Productions.

J25 The Arc King series' first FanFiction story has been uploaded and published!!!

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Title: J25
Author: Dengar999/J25TheArcKing (Me)
From: J25 The Arc King Productions

Series: J25 The Arc King
Timeline Era: Origins Era
Story Type: Main Story
Story Number: Story 1
Developed In: 2006

Rated: M for Mature
Language: English

Uploaded In: FanFiction, deviantART.
Publish Date: April. 4, 2013 (,) November. 8, 2016 (deviantART)

Main Catagory: Star Wars & X-overs
Genre: Sci-Fi and Tragedy
Theme Song:

Description: An alternate universe was created. One young boy lost his family and was send to join the Grand Army of the Republic from the Galactic Republic run by Jango Fett to fight. After a few months of training, he goes to many wars with the army against the CIS from an evil king name Bowser. Will he survive and live well?

(Book title cover)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

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Author's Notes:

After 7 and half years of developing and the makings of the J25 The Arc King series. It's finally here the first FanFiction story of the series!

TRUE STORY: This story was in 'development in Hell' due to 'writers block' and this story was developed in 2006 and was suppose to be publish in that year date, till it took a lot time off to be published due to busyness, laziness, school, chores, spending time with my family and friends, doing other free time hobbies and I didn't have a Laptop at that time and I didn't write much of my stories in the main computer, because I needed things to be silence and quiet. I can be distracted by noise by my family, friends and visitors so I decide for Christmas in 2011 that I would like as a Christmas gift a Laptop. And I got it for Christmas yay, so I place my laptop in my room for quietness, I also place it in other quiet rooms as well that I will be doing my writings. I was a YouTuber at that time on 2007 which I got addicted to making YouTube videos and I forgot about that I wanted to be a FanFiction writer in the internet and last but not at least, if I started writing I would have a lot of bad spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes! Because I was little at that time in my grade, not in a higher level grade yet, but now I am in a higher grade now which I'm older and I know what to do in writing now! And I try to read more stuff like books, newspapers, comics, articles, FanFiction stories, etc... So finally it's been 7 and half years of working on it and the series! It is now published! Right in 2013!


To readers and writers, I would appreciate if you can review my story, saying what you like about it and what makes it interesting. Also can you correct and fix on my grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentences please if there are any errors and mistakes. By correcting and fixing it for me on how to make my story look good and better and on what can I improve on?

And remember! If you don't like it, don't read it or post a negative/bad comment! It's not that hard!

I make stories for fun to make myself happy, not for a competition. It’s just a hobby.

This is an alternative universe where everything collides together as a crossover between anime, books, cartoons, comics, games, movies, plays, TV and miscellaneous.

After you read a certain chapter, underneath the author's notes, just in case you don't know any of the fictional stuff. I will list their names and where are they from in case nobody will not be confused from wondering who is that character, place or thing, etc... they might not be familiar with or might be familiar with. If it doesn't show where are they from, it means its an original character, place or thing, etc... And it will only show once, once it's shown. It will never be marked again on another chapter.

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