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Chibi Mighty Gazelle - Minecraft by J25TheArcKing Chibi Mighty Gazelle - Minecraft by J25TheArcKing



Just a YouTube video I made showing my Chibi Mighty Gazelle pixel art all around:…

Mighty Gazelle from the F-Zero series!

Hey everyone, I was bored and made a Chibi Mighty Gazelle in Minecraft in "Creative Mode." You know in the game called F-Zero GX, you know when you purchase a character, you unlock the machine and the character including their emblem chibi icon in the "Garage" mode when you create or edit a machine, you can use their emblem chibi icon. I was inspire to do the Chibi Mighty Gazelle version just like that emblem chibi icon in the game F-Zero GX! I also wanted to make him, because he was my favorite character in F-Zero series and I like cyborgs, machines and robots, because their freaking cool and are awesome!

Besides why doesn't anybody care about all of the characters in the F-Zero series, mostly everyone focuses on Captain Falcon, because of his "FALCON PUNCH!" Almost everywhere in the Super Smash Bros series than knowing Captain Falcon is from the F-Zero series btw! Man he's so overrated, but I don't hate him, I still kind of like him, but mostly I like Mighty Gazelle, Blood Falcon, Spade, and I guess that's all...

It took me a few days to finish this, because I was busy at that time. God I kind of like it what I made, looks pretty good. But I don't like the two: 4 light white block squares on the right of his head, because it kind of looks weird to him and looks ugly and messed up, don't you think?

Used HyperCam 2 then Windows Movie Maker and taken a screenshot of this.
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October 14, 2012
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