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About Varied / Hobbyist J25TheArcKingMale/Canada Groups :iconj25-the-arc-king: J25-The-Arc-King
"J25 will rise again!"
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sept 25 2011 part 56 by japookins

A good shot you taken. A wonderful weather, sky and scenery. So dark with light too on it. Trees, tree branches, the lake, the sky with...

hamilton shoot 21 by japookins

A clear quality on this photo. Setting of a scenery, you taken a photo on this on a perfect center position to take a photo on this vie...

random walk 42 by japookins

The vision is this is that the quality of this is neat and easy to see, it isn't blurry or anything which makes this a beautiful scener...

random walk 43 by japookins

Looking at this, it's dark the sky with these clouds. The way you take a photo of this dark sky is neat! You had a perfect photo for th...

random walk 37 by japookins

Wow looking at this, looks really magnificent! What I am seeing is great, so dark looking at these trees and branches. It's looks like ...

random walk 74 by japookins

This is my first critique, the quality looks good and it's beautiful, showing a beautiful staircase and a beautiful sky for the visions...


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

I named my username after my OC (original character) and the title of my fan made series.

-No spamming/spammers
-No discrimination:
-No homophobes
-No racists
-No sexists
-No stereotypes
-No haters
-No Anti(Insert hobby, show, anime, manga, book, comic, music, artist, band, cartoon, game, movie, TV show, character, fandom, misc, geek culture, sport, etc… here.)
-No bullies and cyber bullies
-No prejudice / ignorance people
-No judgemental people
-No betrayers / backstabbers / traitors
-No hypocrites
-No immature people
-No people who say negative behind your back, and mock you and laugh behind your back
-No terrorism (like Neo-Nazis , KKK members, the Westboro Baptist Church members, evil etc…)
-No stalkers (trying to reach my address huh?)
-No scamming/scammers
-No cheaters (bad/evil hackers)
-No thieves (such as art thieves. Stealing is a crime and it's illegal!)
-No death threats

Break any of these rules, you'll be blocked. (Sometimes I might give you a second chance or a third chance.)

“Drug cartels, slavery, September 11 attacks, terrorism, the KKK, Nazism, bullying, cyber bullying, disasters such as earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, floods, starvation, Malaysia plane shot down, 2012 Aurora shooting, Charlie Hebdo massacre, Boston Marathon Bombing, November 2015 Paris attacks, murderers, wars, bank robberies, thieves, the Westboro Baptist Church, rape, violence, verbal abuse, animal abuse, harassment, judgemental people, death, death threats, people who laugh behind your back and say negative stuff, homophobes, racism, sexism, stereotypes, discrimination, heart attacks, PTSD, cancer disease, suicide, genocide, the holocaust (11 million lives were killed during the holocaust) are a lot worst…” – J25 The Arc King / AntiDiscrimination

"It doesn't matter about your skin color and nationality, sexuality, weight and size, voice, age, with any disabilities, your looks and appearance, your favorite fandom, show, anime, book, comic, manga, game, cartoon, movie, sport, hobby, misc etc... As long as you're nice and not causing harm, that's what matters!" - J25 The Arc King /AntiDiscrimination

"J25 will rise again!" - J25 The Arc King

Go to this link for more detail/info of my profile description about me. :iconj25thearcking:

-Filipino Canadian (I’m born in Canada. My family are born in the Philippines.)
-Straight / Heterosexual.
-Speaks English, a little bit of Tagalog and French (I’m not good at speaking multiple languages, but I try my best and I put in my effort. I can understand a little bit of it.)
-Shy, quiet, friendly, open minded, hyper, raging, cold blooded, depressed, PTSD, OCD.
-Single (Almost all of my family, relatives and friends have boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives and kids.)

-Writer (I write FanFiction, stories, blogs, reviews, descriptions, etc…)
-Gamer (I've been playing videogames when I was a kid to getting older.)
-Geek / Nerd (Both are different terms) (I like anime, manga, books, cartoons, comics, games, movies, TV shows, misc, etc…)
-Cosplayer (I use to go Halloween dressing up, now in 2011 to getting older I am now a cosplayer.)
-Artist (Drawings, paintings, digital artworks, etc...)
-Video Maker

-Semi-retired YouTuber (Youtuber since 2007 to 2015. 2014 is where I lost my motivation of making YouTube videos.)

-Likes to listen to my music taste (metal genres, rock genres, punk genres, I give some pop genres, electric genres and other genres a chance too.) I’m random.

-Midna Fan (I'm a huge Midna fan since 2008.)
-Likes too many female characters (In anime, manga, books, cartoons, comics, games, movies, TV shows, misc, etc… Lol.)
-AntiDiscrimination (Vigilante.)

I can go on… I’m random… I’m way too many things…
FanFiction: (Dengar999) / (J25 The Arc King)… -Moved-
Nintendo Network: (J25TheArcKing)
Playstation 3 Network: (J25TheArcKing)

YouTube: (Dengar9999)… / -I don't really go on much and I don't make videos anymore because I hate the changes and this community. They can't learn to grow up and accept what people are into- (Dengar999) -My old channel- / (Dengar666) -Backup account- / (J25TheArcKing)… -Backup account-
Fictionpress: (J25 The Arc King)… -I don't really go on much.- (Dengar999)… -Moved-
FiMFiction: (J25 The Arc King)… -I don't really go on much.-
Twitter: (J25TheArcKing) -I don't really go on much.- / (Dengar999) -I QUIT and closed the account-
FurAffinity:… (J25TheArcKing) -I don't really go on much.-

Facebook: (I ain't telling you and I don't really go on it much. I QUIT.)
Steam: (J25 The Arc King)… -I QUIT.- (J25WillRiseAgain) -I QUIT.-
Minecraft: (J25TheArcKing) -I QUIT.- (I think have another account, but I forgot my username. I think it's Dengar999) -I QUIT.-
Roblox: (J25TheArcKing)… -I QUIT- / (Dengar999)… -My old account and I QUIT- / (Dengar9999)… -I QUIT- / (Dengar666)… -I QUIT- (Brawlvoldo)… -I QUIT-
Photobucket: (Dengar999)… -I QUIT and closed the account-
Newgrounds: (Brawlvoldo) -I QUIT-
Club Penguin: (Brawlvoldo) -I QUIT.-
Runescape: (Brawlvoldo) -I QUIT.- (I have another account, but I forgot my username.)
Habbo: (Cooldengar999) -I QUIT.- (I have another account, but I forgot my username.)
Lego: (Dengar999) -I QUIT- (I have multiple accounts, but I forgot the usernames.)

Below are my top 10 favorite 'interests' I like the most:
  • Mood: Apprehensive
  • Listening to: Opeth
  • Reading: Morals and advices quotes in Google Images
  • Watching: Predator 2
  • Playing: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Wii U)
  • Eating: Sausage McMuffin
  • Drinking: Orange juice and Yop

(Journal 116)



Ummmm strange news...
So I went on my YouTube account...  (I don't go much on YouTube, but I just listen to music and watch videos, that's it. I'm a semi-retired YouTuber.)

To be honest my YouTube account is always logged in onto my laptop computer 24/7, I never signed out.

Today I felt like to check on a lot of things in my YouTube account. I went to check on my "activities," "favorites," "liked videos," etc... and etc... "YouTube activities" what I did with my account...

After checking it all over... Apparently I'm seeing strange "activities," "favorites," "liked videos," etc... and etc... "YouTube activities" on my YouTube account which some of them I didn't do that! I notice that it happens like around the days during mornings, afternoons and at night time? Like 10 AM, 11 AM, 2 PM, I mean I can go on...  (Hold on a second! I'm at school and stuff!) I was checking each of the times and days on when it started.

It says stuff like Dengar9999 liked, favorite, created that playlist and stuff like: this video and that video, that show, that song (well there are songs and music that I like, but some of them but I didn't like that song or heard of that band and song, what is this!? Especially with those shows, that video and these videos, etc...) And ummmmm it says liked girls in bikinis? WHAT THE HELL!? 0_0
I didn't do all of that!? WHAT IS THIS!?
Somebody is in my damn YouTube account!?

But actually its ones of my relatives that were on YouTube in my laptop computer, they apparently favorite, liked, created some playlists, etc...  in my YouTube account while checking out some videos and music.
Jesus Crysis I thought my YouTube was hacked at first, but actually they didn't do anything to my videos or they didn't destroy my account. They just created playlists, watched videos, liked them, favorites, etc... Ummmm ok...

I explained them to logout of my YouTube account and to not do that again. Because I don't want to see my YouTube activity being like this... Which this is not me. It was actually one of my relatives in my YouTube account. :0

(Yup it's 2014 right now... First 2014 journal and new year...)
Something important just for me and all of you to be aware of. In case I ever get hacked in deviantART by hackers or whatsoever and they start doing malicious stuff over my deviantART account. I'll never do anything stupid or malicious to you all, you know me as friendly, shy, quiet, hyper and raging. Never will if you ever see me do something to you that is malicious, ask yourself:
1. I might be hacked.
2. Try to block me or remove me if the hacker is sending anything malicious such as spam, negative comments, bad links, etc... and etc... towards you.
3. Think before you start, will I ever do something malicious to you? NO, not the J25 you wanted. So think, it might be a hacker that got into my account.  
4. Look around my FanFiction
 A backup plan in case I ever get hacked! Remember this?

I hope it doesn't end like this:…

As of right now I'm going to signed out my YouTube account to prevent people or my relatives from going around my YouTube account. I don't want to see these strange activities, that was weird. But one of my relatives apologized and said sorry.  

What if somebody steals my laptop. And my YouTube account is still logged in, and that person was hacking through my YouTube, that's REALLY MESSED UP!

Even though I know my deviantART, FanFiction, PSN, Nintendo Network is always logged out!


"And ummmmm it says liked girls in bikinis? WHAT THE HELL!?" 0_0
Why are one of my relatives watching this!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 0_0

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