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(Journal 55)

(Hmmm I forgot this is another late post...)

Friday June 20. 2014 Divan Orange, Montreal Canada.

Hey Ocean! Oooooooooooooo I am really surprise they're playing at Montreal Canada once again at Friday June. 2014. With other bands I'm not familiar with. I remember going there at 2012, I don't think they had a live concert at 2013 Montreal Canada.

  So I went with my cousin to the concert to see Hey Ocean!. Took the metro, walk around the city to get to the location (got stressed out due to the people, because this location around the city, especially the metro. The people are dangerous and there are some gangs there.) So we made it there right on time on the location at Divan Orange. I asked the girl if the tickets are ready to be purchase but she's says later around this certain 'time.' So me and my cousin just hang around there until my cousin was hungry, so we left Divan Orange and went to a pizza restaurant. She ate and I was downed (knocked out due to getting stressed out in the metro and walking in the city) sleeping until we left and went back to the location.

  As we went I stopped... What I saw in front of my eyes was David Vertesi, David Beckingham and Ashleigh Ball sitting at a table outside. So they were talking to a bunch of girls (fans) so I talked to my cousin about that's the band, the gang. So since the tickets are ready to be purchase I decide to see the whole Hey Ocean! gang later so I decide to just purchase the tickets with my cousin. The guy told me that I can just purchase the tickets right now before the doors closed even though he suggest that I should purchase online the tickets. (Hmm it turns out I should have been purchasing the tickets online but I decide to purchase it at the doors due to not trusting to buy the tickets online due to credit card hackers -low life cunts who love to hack people's credit cards I hate em and their computer viruses. I hate credit card hackers.-) Now I went to try to meet the Hey Ocean! gang, but I was too shy. But David Vertesi and David Beckingham left right now and Ashleigh Ball was about to leave until my cousin started to ask her to meet me. (Thanks cousin, I could of done it without you, I'm sorry that I went too shy, because I don't want to cause trouble! But the truth is band members are always respectful to their fans.) So then I met Ashleigh Ball, I introduce my name and she was like "Nice to meet you," as she shakes my hand. So my cousin took a photo of me and her… . I decide to show my drawing I did for her… my Agile Rainbow Dash and Nightmare Applejack drawing (since she's the voice actress of Rainbow Dash and Applejack from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.) So she liked my drawing, she signed it with a autograph signature and she likes: "They look like Transformers..."  I told her that I haven't watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and listen to Hey Ocean! for a while, she responded "Me too." Woooh she hasn't even watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for a while but just did some voice acting for the characters. I gave her compliments too, to make her happy about her work on her band and her show. She likes me. So it was now time for goodbye. So we said 'goodbye' to each other, I told her "Your 20% cooler!" and Ashleigh Ball was like "Your 20% cooler!" on me. So I was so happy to meet the famous Ashleigh Ball, the lead singer of Hey Ocean! and the voice actress of Rainbow Dash and Applejack from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was a dream come true...

  We went inside Divan Orange to chill and relax, we found a place to sit around the corner at the front, at the right. I see Ashleigh Ball setting things up at the concert stage. My cousin and I started to buy some drinks for ourselves. I bought Coca-Cola (I don't drink alcohol I drink soft drinks. I don't smoke I eat smoke beef.) And my cousin bought something like alcohol which I decide not to try it. We talked about life: work and school. We waited for the concert to start so we see a bunch of people gathering up. I think there was about 80, 90 or 100 or more people in the concert just like last year at 2012 La Salla/Sala Rossa (The Red Room.)

  So it was Rosie June, The Highs and then Hey Ocean! going to play in the concert! Rosie June is first, Highs were second and third is the main event: Hey Ocean!

  Rosie June started playing with some assists from her band. She really has a nice voice, it's beautiful and nice songs she sing and the band played. What's surprising is that she was the lady at the front doors' entrance of Divan Orange for the tickets to be purchase and also at the merchandise stand. My goodness I haven't even notice I thought she works there and that's all. Another famous person, even though she's underrated I still like her and I still will call her famous! Rosie June you're beautiful and great! I enjoyed her music. Especially her live playing her music in the concert.

  Next is Highs. They started playing (holy crud, I thought they were fans of Rosie June, Highs or Hey Ocean! since they're playing table football.) But they're the Highs, my goodness! Their playing was cool, neat and fantastic, I really like their songs, good playing. To them I like it, good music. They have pretty cool songs...

  Now it's the main event. Hey Ocean! They started playing songs: New Love, Be My Baby, Make A New Dance Up, If I Were A Ship, Bicycle, Change, I Am A Heart, A Song About California, (I think they played Jolene, Islands, Give, Maps, Last Mistake, Too Soon, Fish, Turn Up The Stars, Eskimo Kisses, The Beat Boxer Who Broke My Heart from the albums: Stop Looking Like Music, It's Easier to be Somebody Else and IS. Also others songs I think I haven't remember.) They even played a Prince song and a Arcade Fire song. But I'm not familiar on which song they played since I haven't remember and I don't listen to Prince and Arcade Fire. We sing along, dance, cheer, clap and listen to them play. (My cousin slept for 10 or 15 minutes since she got tired because it was night time around 10 or 11 or 12 o'clock?) Hey Ocean!... They were AMAZING!!!! I enjoyed it so much and I was also so happy to meet Ashleigh Ball!!!!!!!!! (If only I met David Vertesi and David Beckingham... But it was too late... Maybe next time...)

When I went to the merchandise stand, Rosie June was selling stuff:
I bought 2 Hey Ocean! Tanktops with the Lion face design signed by David Vertesi, David Beckingham and Ashleigh Ball. (I bought 2, because one is for me to wear and one is for me to keep for a collection since it has an autograph by 3 of them. I don't want to wash one of them or else the autograph markers will be erase so I bought another one for backup and to keep it collectible!
I bought one of the Rosie June album. The album cost anything that I can give. So I gave her probably around $10 or $15 or $20? It's to support her and to thank her. She was like 'Thank you very much,' and more compliments she said. We talked. Introduce ourselves. And liked each other.
I bought one of the Highs album. The singer (I don't know his name) was happy that I bought one of his albums. I gave him around I think $10 or $15 or $20? Just to do the same thing with Rosie June and to thank them both. (Awww if only I can ask them to sign the albums and ask for a photo, but since it's crowded I decide not to. Awwww man...)

I saw a Brony with a Gummy shirt around the area, but I didn't brohoof him, because I was too shy and it was too crowded.
I heard another Brony played a Pinkie Pie sound after Hey Ocean! was done playing one of the songs right in front of the stage. Seriously I just heard it and was like 0_0 . Woooooooohhhh lol!
(There seems to be less Bronies and Pegasisters, did the brotherhood died or there were less just in Montreal Canada?)

We went home by taking the taxi (the taxi driver was friendly and nice.) I decide not to take the metro since I got stressed out big time. And that concert was SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to meet her and enjoying the concert! It was outstanding!!!!


Thank you Ashleigh Ball for everything...
"I will always stay strong, stay inspired, stay professional and stay gold!"…
Ashleigh Ball's Autograph by J25TheArcKing

Ashleigh Ball and Me by J25TheArcKing

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