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"J25 will rise again!"
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Hello I am J25TheArcKing / Dengar999

I named my username after my OC (original character) and the title of my fan made series.

-No spamming/spammers
-No discrimination
-No homophobes
-No racists
-No sexists
-No stereotypes
-No haters
-No Anti(Insert hobby, show, anime, manga, book, comic, music, artist, band, cartoon, game, movie, TV show, character, fandom, misc, geek culture, sport, etc… here.)
-No bullies and cyber bullies
-No prejudice / ignorance people
-No judgemental people
-No betrayers / backstabbers / traitors
-No hypocrites
-No immature people
-No people who say negative behind your back, and mock you and laugh behind your back
-No terrorism (like Neo-Nazis , KKK members, the Westboro Baptist Church members, evil etc…)
-No stalkers
-No scamming/scammers
-No cheaters (bad/evil hackers)
-No thieves (such as art thieves. Stealing is a crime and it's illegal!)
-No death threats

Break any of these rules, you'll be blocked. (Sometimes I might give you a second chance or a third chance.)

"It doesn't matter about your skin color and nationality, sexuality, weight and size, voice, age, with any disabilities, your looks and appearance, your favorite fandom, show, anime, book, comic, manga, game, cartoon, movie, sport, hobby, misc etc... As long as you're nice and not causing harm, that's what matters!" - Dengar999 /J25TheArcKing

"We make mistakes, but we learn to fix them." - Dengar999 /J25TheArcKing

"J25 will rise again!" - J25 The Arc King

-Filipino Canadian (I’m born in Canada. My family are born in the Philippines.)
-Straight / Heterosexual.
-Speaks English, a little bit of Tagalog and French. (I’m not good at speaking multiple languages, but I try my best and I put in my effort. I can understand a little bit of it.)
-Shy, quiet, nice, friendly, open minded, hyper, raging, cold blooded, depression, PTSD, OCD.
-Single (Almost all of my family, relatives and friends have boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives and kids.)

-Writer (I write FanFiction, stories, blogs, reviews, descriptions, etc…)
-Gamer (I've been playing videogames when I was a little kid to getting older.)
-Geek / Nerd (Both are different terms) (I like anime, manga, books, cartoons, comics, games, movies, TV shows, misc, etc…)
-Cosplayer (I use to go Halloween Trick or Treating and dressing up, now in 2011 to getting older I am now a cosplayer.)
-Artist (Drawings, paintings, digital artworks, etc...)
-Video Maker

-Semi-retired YouTuber (Youtuber since 2007 to 2015. 2014 is where I lost my motivation of making YouTube videos.)

-Likes to listen to my music taste (metal genres, rock genres, punk genres, I give some pop genres, electric genres and other genres a chance too.) I’m random.

-Midna Fan (I'm a huge Midna fan since 2008.)
-Likes too many female characters (In anime, manga, books, cartoons, comics, games, movies, TV shows, misc, etc… Lol.)
-AntiDiscrimination (Vigilante.)

I can go on… I’m random… I’m way too many things…
FanFiction: (Dengar999) / (J25 The Arc King)… -Moved-
Nintendo Network: (J25TheArcKing)
Playstation Network: (J25TheArcKing)

YouTube: (Dengar9999)… / -I don't really go on much and I don't make videos anymore because I hate the changes and this community. They can't learn to grow up and accept what people are into- (Dengar999) -My old channel-
Fictionpress: (J25 The Arc King)… -I don't really go on much.- (Dengar999)… -Moved-
Twitter: (J25TheArcKing) -I don't really go on much.- / (Dengar999) -I QUIT and closed the account-

Below are my top 10 favorite 'interests' I like the most:
  • Listening to: Shadowlord - NieR Soundtrack
  • Reading: Assassin's Creed: Renaissance
  • Watching: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • Playing: Killzone: Shadow Fall
  • Eating: Skitties
  • Drinking: Coke Zero

(Journal 142)


I Lost the Original Otakuthon 2015, What the Fur 2015 photos / files

(The good news is that the Otakuthon 2015 and What the Fur 2015 photos are already uploaded in my deviantART. But they're the edited ones. Not the original ones.)
  I got some bad news.

  A long time ago, last year. I was doing "cut/copy and paste and saving files" on the main computer (I don't use this computer, but it was the main computer for all of my family to use. I mostly use my laptop.) and one of my USBs to placing them on a disc (CD / DVD.)

The files that were saved on the disc contains:
-Otakuthon 2015 original photos. (Not the edited ones.)
-What the Fur 2015 original photos. (Not the edited ones.)
-My cosplays. (Photos of one of my cosplays.)
-DROO Photographer's photos for my cosplay. (My photographer who took photos of me.)
-Commissions (Commissions I asked for.)
-Facebook photos (I don't go much on Facebook. But these photos are for my personal private life.)
-Others, etc...

  So some days passed... I placed the disc inside my laptop to check in some files and pickup a file. And that was the end...

  Now as of right now. I decide to go on the main computer to check and place one of my USBs to check on files. I even went to check on the disc by placing it. Suddenly it starts loading. And it took like 10 minutes? Long! So when I went to check the disc. It was all empty! What the f&%^!? (I check the properties and it had some space used and free space. What the heck? A f^&%ing Glitch?)
  So I tried to place the disc to my PS3, nothing was loading and showing up.
  Now I went to my cousin's house to place the disc on her iMac. Nothing was loading and showing up. The disc got stuck and I was stressed out completely. So I went home. But in a few hours she manage to get the disc off her iMac.

  I don't know how this happen!? I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! The disc was empty and I lost the original Otakuthon 2015 and What the Fur 2015 photos and the rest of the files and photos! I was so pissed and shocked. I can't believe this would have happened, but how!?
Did the disc got corrupted, everything was all fine after I was done saving, it was over. Now I took the disc off my laptop during those days passed. And now the disc was empty!?
2. Was it a glitch that made it broken? F*%# I hate glitches! F(^*ing technology can be a pain!
3. Or did a f*^&ing computer virus hit through my laptop and erased my files in the disc! F*&(ing a**! I f*&(ing hate those bastards that make those computer viruses!

  All I want to do is arrange things for my school and studies, my personal private life, hobbies and projects.

  I can't take this anymore! It's stressing me out! I'm not good with technology to be honest, life is so difficulty when there are always problems  every day, every week, every month, every year! S*&%! I lost the original files photos for Otakuthon 2015 and What the Fur 2015, got dammit! I'm fed up of this bulls*^&!

  Also another thing is when I was using one of my USBs to check on something, it keeps going off, what the F*&%!? F*^&ing technology and their glitches! S*^%!
  But when I tried again, now its working, thank you for f*&^ sake!

  I still can't believe it, I lost the original Otakuthon 2015 and What the Fur 2015 photos files and the rest... I can't never recover them and get them back, it's gone...


  BUT some good news is that, what I did was I saved the photos and files from my laptop to  one of my USBs.

The files that were saved on the USB contains:
-Otakuthon 2015 edited photos.
-What the Fur 2015 edited photos.
-Some of my cosplays. (Photos of one of my cosplays.)
-DROO Photographer's photos for my cosplay. (My photographer who took photos of me.)
-Commissions. (Commissions I asked for.)
-Some of the new Facebook photos. (For my personal private life.)
-Others, etc...

  Well I guess this is it...
  I lost the original photos and files and the other rest...


I'm uploading the photos of:
1. GeekFest Montreal 2015
2. Montreal Mini Comic Con 2015
3. Otakuthon 2016

It's going to take some time!
Today is the day where the doctors are going to pull 4 of my wisdom teeth out.

I feel nervous...
(Damn, I lost the internet connection, especially around my neighborhood. Until the internet went back on around 8:30 PM.)
(Well anyways...)

Happy Halloween!!!

For Halloween,
I'm just going to play The Last of Us on my PS3. I was Simon Riley Ghost (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) and Deathstroke (Deathstroke) for Halloween. And I just ate and finish my entire rectangle box of chocolate marshmallow rice krispies. From the beginning of October to Halloween October 31.

I hope you enjoy your Halloween my friends and fans!

Take care!!!
Otakuthon 2016... Heading there tomorrow...

"my friend, follow your heart, and you have no need for fear in God's house..."
I'm back, good vacation trip on Calgary Alberta Canada, I enjoyed it with my family and relatives.
I'll be going to Calgary Alberta Canada for vacation with my family. Its going to be a good adventure vacation trip, yay...

I'll be leaving in July 25. (July 25? J25? Lol ok.)

I will return at August 5.

I'll be very far away...

I'll enjoy my summer vacation. And I hope to stay safe.

Take care family, relatives, best friends, friends...



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Yoshiknight2 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the :+fav:!
J25TheArcKing Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh hey...
Hey its ok... I understand...

I only went Sunday, because I was on vacation with my family and I arrived home at Friday. Saturday, I was tired and resting because of the airplane trip and I was setting my equipment up for Otakuthon 2016. I use to go to Otakuthon 2011 to 2015 for 3 days, but for this one Otakuthon 2016 only 1 day on Sunday.

Your health is more important, safety first.

Headaches sucks.

"A lot of blood, sweat and tears..."

Thank you for the watch.
For the Midna Brotherhood!!!!

I can see that its a lot of hard work to make your Midna mask which was heavy, especially with the hair wig to fit in your mask. I'm glad that I was patience in Montreal Mini Comic Con 2015.

And yes I took photos of your mask.
"but i know it's not enough for you and i felt so bad." Woooh I'm surprise that you cared. Woooh...

We can probably meet again in Otakuthon 2017... I can set a meetup schedule. (I hope I can make it to Otakuthon 2017...)

I'm not going to Quebec Comic Con.

I'll upload the Montreal Mini Comic Con 2015 photos sooner or later of you in your Midna cosplay and myself in my Lucina cosplay.

Thank you for your kindness...
Midna Emote Midna Avatar for MRHANKY2000 

I didn't get the Midna Amiibo yet...
And there is no Gardevoir in Pokémon Go. (I was been told wrong Pokémon generation man lol. WHAT IS THIS GRAN TURISMO 5? LOL! ONLY MEDIUM CARS CAN ENTER THE RACE, ONLY GO KARTS (Better throw a banana like its Mario Kart.)
My reaction:…

I don't play Pokémon Go, because I'm not interest in it and I don't have the app, damn I do not like those Apple iTunes updates 24/7, its a pain. Keeps updating and updating. I can't do this all the time. So I decide not to update and that's it. "To get this app, you need to update." More like version 666! (But if I upgrade I'll lose some of my stuff in my device.
DM-Lara Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks for the +fav 
I appreciate it Aww 
J25TheArcKing Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome.
paytonsnewheart Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
And thank you for the favorite!

Sinon by paytonsnewheart
Equus-21 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2016
Thank you for the watch! Please check out some of my short films / short stories. :)
J25TheArcKing Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome. Thanks for watching me as well.

I'll check around your deviations sooner or later, I'm very busy in my personal life and I follow/watch so many people in deviantART like 200 or more. 0_0 Which some of them I have to check out their deviations and stuff which I haven't even check them yet for months and years. 0_0 I've been very inactive lately and very slow.

I'll probably watch some of the films. Maybe...

You're a cool Furry, hehe your Furry OC reminds me of Max Payne.
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